A View from the Other Side

Why would any recruiting coordinator become a search consultant? I viewed the transition from recruiting for a large law firm to recruiting for a national search firm as the next logical step in my career. As a recruiting coordinator, I very much enjoyed the fact that every fall brought a new group of young people with motivations, desires, and career goals. Helping those young people attain those goals was what kept me in the profession. Similarly, it is what attracted me to recruiting for BCG.

I would like to share with you some of the perceptions I had of search firms when I was a recruiting coordinator, some of the challenges I am now facing as a search consultant, my reasons for choosing to work for BCG, and the potential risks I have taken and the rewards I hope to achieve in making this transition.

I. As a Recruiting Coordinator, What Was My Perception of Search Firms?
Most recruiting coordinators will probably tell you that dealing with search consultants is a "necessary evil" of their profession. To be candid, when I was a recruiting coordinator, I either liked dealing with search firms or hated dealing with them. The select group of firms I liked dealing with I called upon on a regular basis. They had fairly similar characteristics.