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Brian assisted in placing me at McGuireWoods, and I have now finished my second month here. So far, so good. Brian really went above and beyond in first, evaluating what would be a good fit for my career trajectory, and second, making sure we promptly followed up on opportunities to maximize the probability of being considered. When we initially met Brian really took the time to understand my work background, career path, and personality so that he knew exactly how to market me to firms, but also what would be a good fit. I was even incredibly hesitant at the beginning because, although I was very confident in my work experience, I didn't know if all of the other numerous details like my transcript and law school could create the right result. Basically, meeting with Brian to discuss these possibilities took me in an unexpected but ultimately extremely rewarding direction. After I was offered an interview, Brian was extremely quick to make sure that I would be prepared. When Brian and I met for interview preparation, he gave me a rundown of all the normal things to expect, but also imparted a lot of his experience and wisdom from his years practicing as well as in recruiting. This was invaluable because, whether or not I followed each instruction to a tee, it set the tone and gave me the momentum to go in and interview feeling completely prepared. I believe that level of preparation really provided a confidence that made the difference. As well, even when I had doubts or inconsequential concerns, Brian took every effort to address those or put me at ease. In my case, there was a long waiting process to hear back. Brian, as I now know, followed up regularly to make sure that this opportunity wouldn't go away. In the end, I believe they said and did exactly what they needed to retain the attention of this firm. I can't say enough about how glad I am that Brian reached out when they did, for offering me this opportunity, and for helping me turn it into a huge jump in my career.

Karen Luh

University of San Diego School of Law, Class Of 2004

Placed at McGuireWoods LLP.

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My favorite things about working with BCG Attorney Search were the search engine or the way you provide updates for openings, which were definitely a huge thing. I also liked your vast network of different professionals in different cities. I worked Brian was very responsive. Working with BCG Attorney Search took all the work out of it for me. I never had to look for anything; they let me know the search updates. They also let me make my own decisions about what to apply to. The first three words that come to mind when I think of BCG Attorney Search are professional, client oriented, and knowledgeable. I would rank BCG Attorney Search at the top compared to other recruiting companies. I have actually referred a number of people to you already. I would describe BCG Attorney Search as great to work with and very hard working. With my legal placement professional, she didn't just look for open positions, she also tried to work with contacts at various firms that may or may not have had open positions. I had worked with a couple different firms before and none of them were willing to do that.

Ryan McNish

University of Notre Dame, Class Of 2014

Placed at Jenner & Block, L.L.P.

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Brian placed me at a top law firm, and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking an excellent legal job. My goal was to work at a law firm where I could make a valuable contribution with my particular background. From the first day that I began working with Brian, he was incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. They gave me invaluable advice and answered all of my questions throughout the process. Brian worked very hard in finding every opportunity that could be a good fit for me. They are highly regarded and well connected in the legal community, so I knew that I was in good hands. Brian placed me at a law firm that is the perfect fit for me given my career aspirations and I am very grateful for all their help.

Alyssa Ohanian

UC Berkeley - School of Law, Class Of 2014

Placed at Cooley LLP

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They were very good about scheduling the calls, getting the process rolling. I started working with someone who was in California and he transferred me to an associate in New York. The entire process was basically seamless. Another recruiter at BCG picked up where Brian left off. I really appreciated the responsiveness and being able to get the process rolling quickly. It made it a whole lot easier because BCG had their eye and ear to the ground and were able to see what openings were there and get me in the door, which I wasn't able to do on my own. I was also abroad and trying to transfer home so I really didn't have an ear to the ground. I needed someone to advocate on my behalf in the states while I was abroad. I only worked with one other recruiter and he didn't place me. And then I started working with BCG and you did. I think it's pretty clear that you're better than him. I would recommend you.

Shaked Hoter

Boston College Law School, Class Of 2012

Placed at Cooley LLP.

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Brian is an incredible, very effective team! They moved the process along quickly and were extremely responsive to all my questions at every stage. Brian worked to understand my personal and professional goals in order to best align my interests with opportunities available in the current market. My legal placement professional took the lead in coordinating all [of the] logistics which enabled me to focus on my other obligations, researching firms and preparing for interviews. They also remained extremely involved after I had received offers, providing feedback that helped me make the right decision and continuing to provide support by coordinating between firms. I am most grateful for their expertise and professionalism. In addition, they are a very personable team and a pleasure to work with.

Lindsay Docto

Boalt, Class Of 2015

Placed at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

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I appreciated how I felt my legal placement professional was really personable and friendly. She wanted to get in touch personally and it didn't feel like an impersonal form email. I worked with other recruiters where it felt like every correspondence was not actually written by them and it was some form letter and I didn't feel that way with my legal placement professional at all which I really appreciated.There was access to job postings that I wasn't finding on my own. There was some negotiation because I am a plaintiff's side attorney and I really wanted to stick with plaintiff's side work. Initially I was open to looking at defense side opportunities, but I really found out that that wasn't the route for me so we had to negotiate that shift of finding only plaintiff side opportunities. I know that was a little bit more challenging for my legal placement professional because of the seniority level that I was at and the sheer number of plaintiff side opportunities is a lot less. After we worked through that process she heard me and found the plaintiff side opportunity that ended up working out for me.I wanted to also give a shout out to Brian, who was my legal placement professional's supervisor. He gave some great interview tips and I appreciated his interview cheat sheet that he supplied to me. I had so many interviews that by the end I was declining the offer to get that prep because I had heard it and used the cheat sheet; however, initially in the process it was super helpful. I also appreciated that that offer was always there. Brian always reached out before an interview and said if you would like to talk before the interview let me know. That attention was really welcome and appreciated.

Taeva Shefler

New York University School of Law, Class Of 2013

Placed at Robins Borghei LLP.

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I wanted to take a moment to provide you with a quick update on my end. A couple of weeks ago, I accepted an offer to join the Los Angeles office of a national full-service law firm as a member of their litigation team in their healthcare and elder law practice group. Brian, you have been the most professional and courteous recruiter I have dealt with, and I look forward to keeping in very close touch.

B.B.Y, Esq.

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Thanks so much for your fine efforts and splendid encouragement. Hope we stay in touch.


Gulfport, MS

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I wish to inform you that I got an offer from a Florida-based company and relocated there. Your guidance and tips regarding the job market certainly helped me to gain real insight and my current job. I was very impressed by your professionalism, and if I need help in the future, I would definitely use you again. I'm looking at a bright future thanks to you.


Miami, FL

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I wanted to take a moment to provide you with a quick update on my end. A couple of weeks ago, I accepted an offer to join the Los Angeles office of Lewis Brisbois as a member of their litigation team in their healthcare and elder law practice group. Brian, you have been the most professional and courteous recruiter I have dealt with, and I look forward to keeping in very close touch.


Los Angeles, CA

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