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One thing I liked a lot about my legal placement professional was that she was super friendly and really responsive, and in her communications with perspective employers, she was very professional but also cheerful with them, which is kind of nice being the same way I would interact with people. She was a good person to have representing me because I felt like her approach was similar to my own which I really liked. BCG made my search easier in a lot of ways. I was out of the country for starters, and I had no easy way of doing a job search. It was super helpful to work with you guys and she to be able to get a job lined up. You guys are the only recruiting firm I have worked with, but I have had a really great experience. It was all positive, and I feel like she and I dialoged about my specific circumstances. We talked about what would make the most sense, what to try, and had a couple of conversations along those lines. I felt like I was being personally and individually represented. It worked out really well.

Joseph Hansen

University of Minnesota Law School, Class Of 2010

Placed at Latham & Watkins LLP.

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I really appreciated the daily follow up and where things stand email every day. I thought that was really useful and helped me keep on top of things. I found her communication to be very clear so I was never confused by anything she said to me or wrote to me and I also really appreciated that she was willing to talk about the relative drawbacks about some of the places where I had offers. Some headhunters are like all these places are fantastic and you'll love them and it's not true, so I really appreciate honesty when weighing those types of offers and she may had heard things I hadn't heard, so that was really useful as well.Oh my gosh, I had been kind of marginally looking kind of half-heartedly but looking none the less for about 2 years and I had 2 offers within 4 weeks of working with my legal placement professional. This was such a great experience.

Kimberly Reed

University of Virginia School of Law, Class Of 1989

Placed at Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker, PA

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My legal placement professional was really responsive and really transparent, like I felt like I was talking to a friend rather than being interviewed by a potential employer, it was more like she was like by buddy and she was there to help me and she was really transparent about any questions that I had and that was really refreshing. I think one huge thing that helped make my job search easier was having a very streamlined online system where I could go through on my own time and research the firms and approve or decline and then having the whole actual application and cover letter process taken off my hands saved a ton of time. BCG is definitely the best, and I have probably worked with 6 or 7 over the years.

Janie Miller

Santa Clara University School of Law, Class Of 2016

Placed at Lubin Olson & Niewiadomski LLP

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With respect to my legal placement professional specifically, I think she was very responsive, she was very proactive and seems like I got her attention and she was out there looking for opportunities for me. She was in a difficult position in part because I was working with 2 search firms before I touched base with her, so a lot of the obvious firms and opportunities were already being pursued by 2 other firms, so I wasn't expecting much, but I think she did a great job in thinking beyond the obvious opportunities and a little outside of the box, so to speak. I also wanted to mention that I appreciate the resources, brochures and publications by Harrison that provided a lot of insight in terms of interview tips and search strategies and things like that, which I found very valuable and was not something I was getting from the other 2 search firms that I had been working with. You guys handled a lot of the aspects of the logistics of setting up the interviews and getting quick feedback after interviews, definitely scouring the firms and opportunities available. In southern California, one thing that she did that I was not doing, was looking a little beyond LA which is where I was and was looking and I ended up in Orange Country which I am very happy about, so that was one thing that she did that definitely made things easier for me and ultimately more productive from the perspective of 1, getting to meet more firms and 2, finding the place I really liked the best. I have worked with a few search firms in the past, when I moved from DC to LA, but I really feel like BCG was really the best go to in terms of picking up a tough situation where I was already working with 2 search firms and thinking what value could they add at that point, also, the resources as I said, a lot of this is of Harrisons opinions and views on things which I talked about with my legal placement professional, whether he is right or wrong about these things, it's really good and valuable to have that view in the middle of the search process in terms of what the firms are looking for, what you should be looking for, what you should be thinking about, that to me really puts BCG above others and just based on the spring of this year, I was looking at so many different firms and job postings and it seems like BCG had so much more in terms of job postings and opportunities and contact.

Gregory Sergi

Duke University School of Law, Class Of 2007

Placed at Keller/Anderle LLP

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My legal placement professional, specifically, was my favorite thing about working with BCG. She was very responsive, she knew a lot of useful tips especially for interviewing, and was just a great experience with following up on interviews and always being available to help prepare, it was a very positive experience. Being able to have a huge list of potential opportunities was a huge help and having someone who would submit to those was really useful. BCG is the top of my list of recruiters because of technology and responsiveness and diligence, you were the best I've worked with.

Hui-Shan King

George Washington University Law School, Class Of 2008

Placed at Armstrong Teasdale LLP

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My legal placement professional really helped streamline what can be a very overwhelming process and made it very simple to navigate. Karen did everything, the took care of all of the details so I could focus on identifying opportunities that she provided me with. I would rank BCG higher than other recruiting firms I have worked with.

Elizabeth Cummings

Loyola University New Orleans School of Law, Class Of 2008

Placed at Tucker Ellis LLP

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BCG was very responsive and provided me the opportunities that I think were more specific to what I was actually looking for, than other recruiters and you guys had way more contacts and opportunities too. By finding the opportunities that I wouldn't have thought to contact and taking care of the initial reach out and cover letter and setting up the first interview was a huge help and also in negotiating my offer as well. I would say that BCG is the best, I am kindof biased because you helped me get the job.

Danielle Russell

University of Tennessee College of Law, Class Of 2015

Placed at Tydings & Rosenberg LLP

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I would have to say that my favorite thing about working with BCG and my legal placement professional was the extent with which she valued my personal preferences. She took a lot of time speaking with me about what I was looking for in my next job, what kind of law I wanted to practice, and what kind of firm I wanted to be in and did a remarkable job of tailoring her search results to those preferences. On a more personal note, she really respected my time and you are respectful of my time too, I just mean she frequently talked to me after business hours because she knew that is when she know I was available. She made my job search exceptionally easier. I didn't, other than carrying a resume to the interview, have to do any document work. I sent all of my documents to her and I didn't even have to find my own connections and determine where my resume was going to be sent, the whole process was handled by BCG. It made it a lot easier and that was a process that would have otherwise been very time consuming. Especially when you are already working as a full time lawyer.

Frank George

The University of Akron School of Law, Class Of 2018

Placed at McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., L.P.A.

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BCG is prompt and responsive and within less than a day of me talking to my legal placement professional, she had already gotten me with the firms to target and started doing research for me. The speed was important because I was on a really short time table. I had let her know that, and she jumped right into action and was super responsive and prompt. She reviewed my materials and gave them some thought and quickly got them out there as soon as I got them back to her. She identified a really good opportunity and jumped on it and ended up working out. Working with her took all of the footwork that I would have had to do in terms of researching what firms to target, applying to those firms, which is the big thing, you know filling out all of the many page long combo box drop down to plug in your education and all of that like you do when you apply directly like through a website. I didn't have to do any of that. I just sent her my materials and she took it from there. I have only talked with 1 other recruiter and she was fine as well, but she didn't seem to know the market as well. I feel like with my legal placement professional, she had a much better handle on the firms in that location and firms that would be good targets for me. My confidence level with my legal placement professional was very important for me.

Steven Mach

Cornell University Law School, Class Of 2016

Placed at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

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I really appreciate that BCG kept me up to date on the openings and found those for me and tried to give me a quick summary of what those entailed. It really saved me a lot of time because I didn't have to look at different job boards to keep myself updated because someone else was doing that for me. BCG Attorney search is #1.

Joseph Venier

University of Michigan Law School, Class Of 2017

Placed at Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik LLP

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