BCG Attorney Search: Attorney Jobs Rise in Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Healthcare Fields |

BCG Attorney Search: Attorney Jobs Rise in Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Healthcare Fields

October 9, 2013

Pasadena, CA - To the surprise of many attorneys who are unable to find jobs, Margaret Gilleran, Legal Recruiter with BCG Attorney Search's New York office, claims that the market for real estate attorneys is making a comeback with mid-level associates particularly in demand. Latest job search on the legal recruiter’s job site shows that there are above 240 active openings for real estate attorneys. This is attributed to the recovery of the housing market. Again, within the real estate law, those with experience in finance are specifically in demand. Moreover, the count of bankruptcy attorney jobs and healthcare attorney jobs has also risen on the site. And if this was not all, Jim Silkenat who has recently been elected the President of the American Bar plans to create a law firm that will serve the under-privileged masses, detained immigrants and defendants fighting to escape a death sentence. In short employment in the legal sector has not stagnated. In fact more jobs are being created, steadily.

While many lawyers are succumbing to contract jobs, BCG Attorney Search does not see the need to do so with over 2990 openings still awaiting takers on its site and veterans like Silkenat aiming to create more opportunities. Silkenat’s establishment of Legal Access Jobs Corps will facilitate able lawyers to practice and earn modest wages by providing justice to the underprivileged.

Harrison Barnes, Chief Executive Officer of BCG Attorney Search says, “Attorneys essentially need the services of a good legal recruiter at this juncture.” In a competitive job market it becomes very important to make the right impression on hiring authorities. Legal recruiters at BCG Attorney Search assist jobseekers to take advantage of lateral opportunities that may not be advertised every time. Recruiters at BCG are well connected with the legal fraternity and know of positions likely to be created beforehand. This works to the benefit of job seekers, as the recruiters constantly work behind the scenes to match them up with opportunities well-suited to their interests and experience. To get a better idea on how Legal recruiters at BCG Attorney Search work to the benefit of attorneys looking for placement, visit They are aware of a number of possibilities out there and know how to get hold of them for the right candidates.

About BCG Attorney Search:

BCG Attorney Search is a premier recruiting firm for experienced attorneys in the United States. Since the year 2000, BCG Attorney Search has placed thousands of attorneys with employers who were the best fit for individual candidates, and helped law firms and companies with their recruitment efforts. The website of BCG Attorney Search is here

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