Healthcare Attorney in a Mountain State Interested in Relocating to a National Law Firms |

Healthcare Attorney in a Mountain State Interested in Relocating to a National Law Firms


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A healthcare attorney in a Mountain State contacted us interested in relocating from the local law firm to a national law firm. While most placements present some level of difficulty, this particular placement was not at all difficult. The attorney responded to a posting that we had on our website for national law firm that was seeking a healthcare attorney. This particular attorney was well-qualified and received good experience as an associate for the past year and prior to going to law school working as a healthcare consultant for several years.
Healthcare Attorney in a Mountain State Interested in Relocating to a National Law Firms

Many healthcare attorneys are on their second careers by the time they graduate from law school. It is very common for healthcare attorneys to get their law degrees after previous experience working in the healthcare industry. Here, this attorney received over a decade of experience in healthcare prior to attending law school. Having business experience and understanding the healthcare industry is important for healthcare attorneys. It is very common for healthcare attorneys to have previous experience in the healthcare industry prior to attending law school.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes
One reason this placement was so effortless was due to the fact the attorney was looking for a position in a relatively small market where they also were currently working. In many cases, a recruiting firm will simply locate the right candidate in the right place at the right time for the right firm and the placement will be relatively easy. Here, the law firm interviewed the candidate a short while after receiving their application and made the decision to hire them within a few days after that. In smaller markets, there are often very few qualified candidates for niche practice areas with the right experience.
This was a fast placement for a highly qualified candidate.

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