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As an Associate, Should I Worry about Getting Laid Off during a Merger?

Question: I'm an associate at a mid-sized firm. Rumor has it we are about to merge with a BIG national firm. Should the ....

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How Likely Am I to Be Laid Off as a New Junior Associate in a Law Firm?

Question: I have just accepted an offer to work as an associate next fall for a major New York law firm. In the wake of ....

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Steps for a Solid Recovery Once You've Been Laid Off

Your managing partner walks into your office and closes the door. The look on this person's face is grim and you feel a....

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Is Contract Work the New Normal for Litigators?

Question: I’m a 4th year litigator in San Francisco and am currently seeking a new position. I see that there is a lot....

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Is Telling a Headhunter That You Are About to Be Laid-off a Good Move?

BCG Attorney Search is a legal placement firm and not a legal recruiting firm. There is a huge difference. Read....

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Why You Should NEVER Quit a Law Firm Job Without Another Lined Up: Once You Start Working in a Law Firm, If You Leave You Will Almost Certainly Not Be Able to Return  

Thinking about leaving your current firm? Read this article before you do.....

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Should You Start Your Own Law Practice After Losing Your Attorney Job at a Law Firm?

Question: I am trying to help my husband make the right decision. He was let go from his firm last week. Come to find ou....

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