The Six Most Important Actions You Can Take to Get a Position with Your BCG Account

Hundreds of candidates get interviews each month by keeping their account settings updated and taking the following simple steps. You can too.

  1. KEEP YOUR RESUME UPDATED. "I applied to BCG three years ago and received an email to update my resume. BCG was sending new positions within a day, and within a few days after approving jobs, I had my first interview." To get jobs, please update your resume here.
  2. CONFIRM YOUR PRACTICE AREA IS ACCURATE. "When I was not getting the jobs I thought were appropriate, I checked my practice area settings on BCG and realized they did not match my recent experience. When I fixed that, I suddenly got more jobs and interviews." You can always update your practice area settings here.
  3. ADD MORE LOCATIONS TO YOUR SEARCH. "I added as many locations as I was willing to work in my regions of interest. This got me interviews and offers with firms and markets I would never consider normally." You can always add new markets to your profile here.
  4. SEARCH FOR JOBS. "I searched for jobs in the BCG Attorney Search database every few days and added new positions to my account as I found them. This was important because it enabled me to apply to every job I was a good fit for, even if BCG did not tell me about it immediately." You can always search for jobs on BCG and add them to your account here.
  5. APPROVE FIRMS AND NOT JUST OPENINGS. "I approved firms recommended by BCG and not just openings. I was skeptical of this approach, but my search took off when I started doing thisIt says on BCG's site that over 85% of their placements are with firms that do not have openings (because you are not competing with others for posted jobs). After approving many firms, I can attest this is how I go a position." BCG does not always recommend firms; however, if we do, we believe you are highly marketable. You can always review your account and approve firms here.
  6. APPROVE FIRMS. "I approved firms and jobs in my account quickly after BCG added them. I learned it is important to be among the first applicants. The faster I approved firms, the more interviews I got." You can always review your account and approve firms here.  
  7. ATTEND LEARNING SESSIONS. Each week, I hold learning sessions Monday through Friday. The schedule for these is typically released each Sunday--but the dates and times are consistent each week. Attending these learning sessions can help you in your search and to understand how to benefit the most from your BCG experience.

Title: Welcome to BCG: How Do I Use My BCG Account and What Happens After I am Sent Firms?
Time: 3:00 pm PST
Location: Zoom Link (Sign Up for Any Session and See a Detailed Agenda Here)
  • Introduction & Welcome
  • Understanding Why BCG Sends You the Opportunities it Does
  • How to Manage So Much Information
  • Active Practice Areas
  • Conducting Your Search
  • BCG Ranking System
  • Q & A
  • Additional Questions

Title: Exclusive Resume Review Session for BCG Candidates Only
Time: 3:00 pm PST
Location: Zoom Link (Sign Up for Any Session and See a Detailed Agenda Here)
  • Resume review session of your resume if you choose
  • Resume essentials and key takeaways
How to Participate:
  • Submit your resume the day before at 5:00 pm Pacific Time.
  • Send it to Your resume will be redacted with identifying information before the meeting.

Title: Exclusive Interview Preparation Session for BCG Candidates Only
Time: 8:00 am PST
Location: Zoom Link (Sign Up for Any Session and See a Detailed Agenda Here)
  • Overview of the legal job market
  • Tailoring your interview approach
  • Best practices for interviews
  • Question do's and don'ts

Title: All Hands-On Deck Meeting
Time: 11:00 am (PST)
Location: Zoom Link (Sign Up for Any Session and See a Detailed Agenda Here)
  • Open Q&A on all topics discussed during the week
  • Open presentation of important topics covered during week