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How Much Does the Law School You Went to Matter When You Lateral Firms?

Considering a lateral move? Learn how much the quality of the law school you went to matters to law firms.....

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Why Every Big Firm Practice Area Eventually "Self-Destructs" at Least Once Every Eight ....

Are you safe in your practice area in the long run? Find out how legal practice areas react to a changing economy in this article.....

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Why Every Attorney Should Look at Multiple Legal Markets When Doing a Job Search

Learn why it is so important to the success of your legal job search to look at multiple markets in this article.....

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How Attorneys Can Network: Why Networking is Essential to Attorney Success

One thing that many attorneys do not know is that the most successful attorneys are "networked." Attorneys who do not network often fail over time because of this fact alone.....

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How to Understand Your Personality and What Practice Area, Type Firm, or Practice Setting ....

Learn how to find your ideal law firm, practice area, and more with the DISC Profile assessment.....

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