Package Yourself Differently. This is something the best legal recruiters understand how to do. Essentially, when you are moving firms or jobs, you need to package yourself as someone who is on the way up and needs a different environment to capture new opportunities. An attorney working with small clients at a small law firm may tell interviewers of a larger law firm that they want to work with larger clients.

How to Repackage Yourself as an Attorney to Get the Job

  • An attorney at a firm in a small city may tell an employer in a larger city they want to live somewhere that offers better cultural experiences.
  • Someone working with attorneys with good but not exceptional qualifications may tell an employer they want to work with better attorneys.
  • Someone in a branch office can tell an employer they want to work in a main office because they are ambitious and dream of being part of firm management.
  • A partner with clients who works at a litigation-only law firm may tell a new firm they want to work at a full-service law firm so that they can start bringing in corporate, patent and other work.
  • A partner at a law firm with one office may tell a new firm they want to work at a firm with offices throughout the country so they can farm out work all over.

The idea is that you are improving, trying to get better, growing and trying to get ahead of the S-curve. Everything you say in your interviews needs to show that you are ahead of that decline. The longest job searches and most difficult job searches occur when attorneys do not understand this.