Four Factors Firms Consider Along with Grades for Mid-Level Associate Attorneys

Regarding a mid-level associate, firms are generally most concerned about your legal skills and the potential you show. If you are coming from a firm with some stature, then law firms will assume you have the training to do the work that they need done. Mid-level associates are typically quite profitable for firms because they can efficiently do the work that firms like to bill at lower rates in order to appease clients. When considering a mid-level associate, most firms will look at your grades, but most firms’ largest concern will be with your ability to do the work and the potential you show for growth within the firm. Law firms focus mainly on (1) your specialization, (2) the number of attorneys still practicing, (3) your geographic commitment, and the (4) choice of firms that have given you high-level training. These factors become even more important for mid-level associates than they are for junior associates.