Texas - Houston

Houston, as a city, is the largest legal market in Texas. With approximately four million people in the Houston metropolitan area, this is no surprise. As the largest seaport in the United States, an energy hub, a transportation center, and home for several major offices of financial institutions and insurance companies, Houston has the most diversified economy in Texas and, consequently, some of the broadest variety in the types of legal work available. The firms we work with in Houston range from small firms, with five to ten attorneys, to the major firms in town, with attorney headcounts of 500 or more. The larger ones in Houston are typically full-service firms. Some of the smaller firms we service are litigation boutiques with unique niche practices, such as pure trial practices, immigration boutiques, and personal injury work for plaintiffs injured overseas.

Most of the important firms in Houston have offices downtown. Downtown offices afford attorneys the opportunity to be close to court and their peers and typically provide the most convenient attorney lifestyle. While there are strong firms that have chosen offices in the Galleria area, about 15 minutes west of downtown Houston, these firms are certainly in the minority and typically are niche-practice or middle-market firms. Convenient location was probably the overriding concern when office space was chosen by these smaller firms because rents and quality of office space are not appreciably different in either area. The Woodlands is a planned community approximately 30 miles northwest of Houston. There are several important energy companies that have set up offices in this subdivision because of its convenience for employees, land prices, and beauty. Following this trend, some law firms with downtown offices have also chosen to open outpost offices in the Woodlands.