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Skadden Partner Leaves Law to Support Wife’s Music Career


Skadden Partner Leaves Law to Support Wife’s Music Career

Skadden partner leaves law to support wife’s music career

Skadden litigation partner Garrett Walktzer is quitting the firm and the practice of law. But he is not quitting to write a novel or start a blog. He is doing it to support the career of his wife, R&B singer TaQuita Thorns.

Above the Law was able to get a copy of Walktzer's departure memo in which he explains his decision. In the memo, after the usual talk of being grateful for having the opportunity to work at Skadden, he says,

“Instead, I have been blessed with the incredible good fortune of being married to TaQuita Thorns, a talented singer from Detroit, Michigan who is just beginning her career in the music business. In addition to writing and recording outstanding R&B, Rock & Soul songs, TaQuita is an energetic performer with a dazzling voice and stunning looks. I am very excited about TaQuita's prospects. Going forward, I plan to be a supportive husband and do all I can to help TaQuita achieve her mission to improve the world through music and, in the process, become a force in the music industry.”

In the letter, he has also given a link to his wife's website and YouTube channel.

The Careerist's Viva Chen was able to interview him. In the interview he admits that he is also battling a chronic illness and can “do better without stress”. Walktzer also mentioned that he met TaQuita online, “after my ex-wife fell in love with her personal trainer”.

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