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Recruiters Who Know the Market
Knowing the legal-hiring market is vital to the success of any legal recruiter. While it may seem obvious, surprisingly few recruiters pay much attention to the ins and outs of the market, instead preferring to just make placements at a few firms where they have strong relationships with the hiring personnel. One of the reasons that it is difficult to know every hiring move that every law firm is planning on making is because of the amount of time that a recruiter needs to put into actually recruiting his/her candidates.

At BCG Attorney Search, we approach recruiting differently. The technology that our recruiters have at their disposal allows them to stay on top of the legal market in a way that few others can and still put the focus on the attorneys who need the jobs. A state-of-the-art, constantly updated database that can track the legal-hiring trends of the major metropolitan regions where most attorneys seek work allows our recruiters to know everything that is going on in the legal market-what practice areas are hot, what regions are in trouble. All of this information can be ascertained by a quick glance at what our database can provide our recruiters.

Our recruiters have the advantage of automated reports and job lists that keep them current with the always-changing legal-hiring industry.

Sorting through the thousands of candidates who approach BCG for assistance in their job searches can be a daunting task. Every candidate who approaches BCG is entered into our database for consideration for every job we are trying to fill. Since all of this data is centralized, our recruiters can search thousands of names to find attorneys who would be quality candidates for any position. Without the capability of our database to match candidates with jobs, literally hundreds of otherwise placeable candidates would get lost in the shuffle, which is the case for many other recruiting companies.

The ability to search through our database for candidates that would be good fits for jobs we are trying to fill means no qualified attorneys get left behind.

Law firms are constantly changing. Their hiring coordinators change regularly, as do their hiring needs. Since we are often working with dozens of law firms at any one time, it is difficult to keep track of these changes all at once. Our recruiters can stay current with the top law firms in the country via a constantly updated database that keeps tabs on the firms' needs. Via a special program designed specifically for this purpose, our research staff can find out when changes are occurring in hiring needs and update the database for our recruiters, making their jobs easier.

Keeping up with the changes inside law firms can be a full-time job. Our recruiters have the advantage of a database that keeps them current, which means they can spend more time helping you find your dream job.

While we will not divulge all of the secrets behind our complex database, the point of giving you a glimpse of some of the functionality that the database provides is to give you an idea of how BCG Attorney Search can operate at the highest level of attorney recruiting. We have designed a way for our recruiters to spend less time researching the particulars of the legal industry by automating everything they need to know, which allows for more time to be spent on the people that matter most: those in need of jobs.