BCG Attorney Search Works ''Simply with the Best'' in the Face of Increasing Competition for Legal Positions |

BCG Attorney Search Works ''Simply with the Best'' in the Face of Increasing Competition for Legal Positions

December 23, 2008 | PDF Version

Pasadena, CA — BCG Attorney Search, the largest recruiting firm in the United States, was created with the goal of placing top attorneys and associates in top law firms, and is singularly dedicated to the task. BCG Attorney Search is well-known in the legal recruiting industry by its motto ''Simply the Best'' which aptly describes their unique approach. BCG Attorney Search has always exhibited the ability to place fast-rising associates in top-notch law firms.

Harrison Barnes, founder and CEO of BCG Attorney Search, says, ''The legal job market has been affected by the worldwide economic downturn, which has certainly taken a toll on the legal industry in general. There are still legal jobs available, but they are fewer in number and generally less attractive in terms of compensation. Some individual cities, like Los Angeles, are still recruiting plenty of legal professionals, but these few bright spots will not be enough to turn the tide of the growing recession anytime soon. The competition for the available positions is heightening day by day.''

BCG Attorney Search, founded by CEO Harrison Barnes in January 2000, was the first company launched by EmploymentScape, formerly known as Juriscape. The company only places the best associates and partners inside top law firms. It does not do in-house attorney placements, contract attorney placements, or placements for legal secretaries or paralegals. The company is extraordinarily focused on a singular goal — permanent law firm placements for top associates — and is highly confident about the work it does.

The company's site features The 2008 State of the Market Report , The 2008 BCG Attorney Search Guide to America's Top 50 Law Schools, and the Lateral Attorney Report, an informative blog produced by the company's recruiters. BCG Attorney Search's new 2007-2008 Cover Letter Guide, meanwhile, provides the definitive word on what makes an effective cover letter.

Barnes says, ''I founded this company with a singular aim of making permanent law firm placements. At BCG Attorney Search, we believe in effective placements, which are made through extensive research and only when a good fit is possible. We represent candidates who are truly committed to the practice of law and have good, well articulated reasons for switching jobs.''

The successes of BCG Attorney Search are unrivaled by any other legal recruiter. For example, in 2007, BCG Attorney Search was able to place an average of one attorney per day in a top-tier law firm. BCG Attorney Search has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Century City, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newport Beach, Palo Alto, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. These offices are staffed by 20 recruiting staffers who are personally trained by BCG Attorney Search CEO Harrison Barnes.

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About Harrison Barnes
Andrew Harrison Barnes, Esq., a JD from the University of Virginia Law School, is the CEO and founder of EmploymentScape (previously Juriscape), a research company dedicated to offering career services to a diverse range of professionals. Barnes began EmploymentScape operations by launching BCG Attorney Search in 2000, and continued introducing more career websites to support legal professionals. BCG Attorney Search specializes in making top placements and only tends to service the legal fraternity which forms the cream of the crop.

About BCG Attorney Search and EmploymentScape
BCG Attorney Search, founded by CEO Harrison Barnes in January 2000, was the first company launched by EmploymentScape (formerly Juriscape). EmploymentScape is the world's largest affiliation of companies dedicated to helping professionals find jobs, and the parent company of some of the legal industry's most respected organizations. As EmploymentScape's flagship company, BCG Attorney Search has developed a range of resources that makes it simply unrivaled by any other American legal-recruiting firm.

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