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Understanding Component Profitability Analysis: A Guide for Law Firm Management

This article discusses the importance of component profitability analysis for law firms. It explains the benefits of usi....

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The Critical Role of Capital Planning and Debt Management for Law Firms

This article guides how to create a successful capital plan and manage debt effectively for law firms. It explains the i....

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What is Legal Knowledge Management and What Does It Mean for Law Firms?

Law firms have been using knowledge management (KM) for many years, but the term “legal knowledge management” is a m....

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21 Reasons Why Being a Large Law Firm Partner Is More Difficult Than Being an Associate

Learn about the challenges partners face inside law firms in this article.....

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Top 10 Reasons Why High Junior Associate Salaries Are Destroying the Legal Profession

Learn why an increase in law firm salaries is so destructive to the legal profession and will ultimately harm many atto....

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Achieving Career Success Even in a Downward Market | Tips & Strategies

We see it all the time: A graduate of a top law school (or wherever) joins a large, highly regarded law firm in a major ....

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How to Write an Effective Business Plan for Becoming a Partner

SummaryCreating a successful partner business plan requires detailed research and a thorough understanding of your firm'....

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