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For Legal Internships That Were More Than Five Years Ago, Should They Be Listed (e.g., 2011 to 2013)?

If they were in law school, and you worked in an area that's relevant to what you're doing, or they were with a prestigi....

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Top 10 Reasons Why High Junior Associate Salaries Are Destroying the Legal Profession

Learn why an increase in law firm salaries is so destructive to the legal profession and will ultimately harm many atto....

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Managing Partners as Chief Executive Officers of Law Firms

In 1977 at the World Future Society conference in Boston, Ken Olsen, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Equipment Corpor....

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What is the Best Way to Get My Attorney Resume and Cover Letter Noticed by Law Firms?

Click here to view a collection of attorney resume and cover letter resources written by experienced legal recruiters.Th....

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What Is the Best Way to Get My Resume and Cover Letter Noticed?

The best way to get your materials noticed is to make sure that you adhere to the following guidelines.....

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Can Experience as a Patent Prosecutor Benefit a New Attorney?

Your experience as a high-tech patent prosecutor will certainly strengthen your application and should compensate for th....

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Engineer Turned Patent Lawyer From A Tier 2 Law School

QuestionBefore entering law school next Fall, I will have a year of high-tech patent prosecution experience as a patent ....

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