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How Attorneys and Law Students Can Use Networking to Find Legal Positions

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to How Attorneys and Law Students Can Use Networking to Find Legal Positions Po....

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BCG News - 05/22/07

Two prominent law firms in Indianapolis—Michael McMains and John Lewis and Wilkins—have merged operations as John Le....

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Have You Gone For Your Annual Career Checkup?

If you practice in a law firm (and in particular, at a large law firm), you know that finding the right balance between ....

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Why the Best Attorneys Are So Hard on Themselves and Others: Being a Great Attorney Requires that You Be Extremely Judgemental and Critical

By nature, lawyers are perfectionists.That makes them expect perfection from themselves and others.Keep reading to see w....

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The Hidden Force of Ego: How an Unchecked Ego Damages the Lives and Careers of So Many Attorneys

Listen to This Podcast on:The happiest and most successful attorneys are often surprised when their success comes.You wi....

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How to Beat the System and Stop Being a Profit-Driven Workaholic Attorney

Learn how to enjoy your career as an attorney and achieve long-term career success in your legal career.....

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INTERVIEW 101: When Did "Type A" Become "Too Much"?

For the World’s Largest Collection of Law Firm Interview Resources Click HereOn a recent Thursday night in October, my....

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