Summary: Learn more about what it is like to be a Patent Agent/Technical Specialist attorney in this article.

What Does a Patent Agent/Technical Specialist Attorney Do?
  • This practice area category focuses on professionals who assist clients in obtaining patents for their inventions.
  • They are not lawyers, but both patent agents and technical specialists have specialized technical knowledge in hard sciences or life sciences.
  • Patent agents have been admitted to the patent bar/USPTO.

Why Do Patent Agent/Technical Specialist Attorneys Enjoy Their Jobs?
  • People who are somewhat introverted tend to enjoy this practice because there is not a lot of interaction with people.
  • The work is also very detail oriented and requires the ability to study and understand new technologies.
  • People who become proficient in this practice area tend to have the ability to take jobs in other states and law firms and move laterally.
  • There are relatively long deadlines in this practice area, which means that the hours tend to be more predictable.

What Are the Difficulties of Being a Patent Agent/Technical Specialist Attorney?
  • People who enjoy working closely with others and do not enjoy extremely technical work tend not to like patent prosecution.
  • The work also tends to be quite intellectually "taxing" and tiring.

How Easy Is It to Move Laterally as a Patent Agent/Technical Specialist Attorney?
  • This is not an active practice area in the legal recruiting realm because there tend to be more far more highly-qualified technical specialists and patent agents than there are jobs.
  • Nevertheless, there is a lateral market for patent agents, but legal recruiters are not frequently used because there is just not a lot of demand.
  • The busiest areas for this work tend to be in Boston and Silicon Valley.

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