You should also not talk about:

What You Should Never Talk About During an Attorney Interview

  • Your church or religion.
  • Your divorce.
  • Your marital status.
  • Why you lost/got fired from a job (unless asked).
  • That you grew up very wealthy or poor.
  • Any diseases you may have had.
  • Non-visible disabilities.
  • Any medical diagnosis you may have received.
  • Sexual abuse/rape you have experienced.
  • Violent crimes you were a victim of.
  • Recent deaths and tragedies in your family.
  • Your sexual orientation.

Just keep this information to yourself. It is never a good idea to provide any of this information because it can be polarizing to people. It also could reflect on the employer in a way they do not want to be associated with, and this is not a good thing.
Many people like interviews because they are a chance to talk about themselves.
  • An interviewer is not your friend.
  • An interviewer is not your confidante.
  • An interview is also not a therapy session.

An interview is a chance to show the employer what you can do for them and sell your strengths (not weaknesses)
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