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BCG Attorney Search Career Coaching Program Introduced for Exceptional Attorneys

February 4, 2014

Pasadena, CA - The legal sector took a hit in December, according to "The Employment Situation – December 2013" BLS jobs report. But it wasn’t as hard hit as most other industries. The legal sector reported only 800 fewer jobs in December in comparison to November. The market is still buoyant, and experts say that there will be a spike in the employment of lawyers in the coming years. This statement finds support in the Occupational Outlook Handbook: 2014-15 Edition released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reported that lawyer jobs will grow 10 percent from 2012 to 2022.

Harrison Barnes, Chief Executive Officer of BCG Attorney Search says, “For attorneys this is a difficult time not because there aren’t enough jobs, but because employers are being extremely careful in selecting their employees. Employers look for two things: bang for the buck, and attorneys who are a good long-term fit. They do not want to hire attorneys who are likely to quit a high paying legal job within six months. So, employers prefer investing in these legal professionals wisely.” Often attorneys do not get their desired positions or job roles. This causes them to resign. To bring this quit rate down and ensure good recruiter/job seeker matches, BCG Attorney Search has launched an absolutely one of a kind “BCG Attorney Search Career Coaching” program.

The BCG Attorney Search Career Coaching program helps attorneys feeling stuck in their legal career or wondering how to accomplish their career goals position themselves advantageously for career advancement in the legal world. Attorneys seeking career coaching from legal recruiters at BCG Attorney Search should apply here: While every attorney can apply to benefit from the unique career coaching service, only candidates who have proven their worth in the legal market and have an exceptional passion to take their career to the next level will be accepted into this program.

BCG Attorney Search is not able to work with everyone who contacts them. The recruiters and professionals associated with this legal recruitment firm believe in concentrating their efforts on finding the best career growth opportunities for a select group of attorneys who are truly serious about their careers and constantly hone their skills to match the needs of the industry. Our recruiters do everything possible to help these professionals position themselves well in the legal industry and assist them in an orderly transition along their career path.

The BCG Attorney Search Career Coaching program gives attorneys the confidence and guidance to make their next big move. This is done through a range of sessions. Attorneys are provided coaching sessions keeping in mind the skill sets each attorney possesses, the industry experience they have, and their unique career aspirations. Each session lasts 45 minutes.

Here are the coaching rates:
10 sessions: $2,000
7 sessions: $1,750
5 sessions: $1,375
3 sessions: $900
2 sessions: $700
1 session: $400

This coaching helps attorneys admitted to the program to:

Identify their interests, skills, capabilities and strengths
Create a goal-focused career plan
Learn to be more self-assured and negotiate for what they want. (Training is provided for the same.)
Create an effective cover letter, resume and other job search correspondence
Utilize networking and social media channels to expand their professional circle

Weekly career coaching sessions can help admitted attorneys to take confident steps toward a promotion, new job, or interesting career switch.

Attorneys who are unable to join the BCG Attorney Search Career Coaching program can benefit from articles, blogs, advice for job seekers, questions and answers, and other additional facts and information posted on

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