Lawyers Need to Search for Legal Jobs in the Right Way - BCG Attorney Search |

Lawyers Need to Search for Legal Jobs in the Right Way - BCG Attorney Search

July 29, 2013

According to BCG Attorney Search, 'lawyers finding it difficult to locate legal jobs in America may not be searching correctly.' The legal recruiter reports 3050 active openings in the U.S. that still require to be filled. It also claims that the alteration made to the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Start-Ups) by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to create more jobs for lawyers in a world, where disputes are never-ending.

Further, a country-wide research conducted by the legal recruiter reveals that there is a high demand for lawyers on the Central Coast and similar non-urban areas of California. This holds particularly true for lawyers possessing language skills and an interest in serving under-represented communities. While there are several opportunities is smaller states that suffer from a deficit of lawyers, not many are comfortable picking the option of relocating, because they have to pass one more bar exam. This has created a surplus of lawyers in many states like New York, New Jersey and urban areas of California while there is a huge shortfall in Nebraska, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia is projected to have 618 new jobs opening annually for lawyers for the next few years, but almost two-thirds of the jobs have no takers.

In some states where there is a lawyer glut, many legal job seekers are resorting to guerilla-esque job search tactics, like sending e-mails to practicing attorneys asking them for jobs. A 24 July news article in Above the Law, discloses one such e-mail. 'This way of promoting oneself is essentially not required if lawyers give up their traditional job searching methods,' says BCG Attorney Search. Many solo practices, small firms, in-house jobs and big law firms are looking for qualified candidates. In this respect, BCG Attorney Search makes networking between recruiters and jobseekers an effortless activity in the U.S. and internationally. Visit the jobs section of the BCG Attorney Search Web site to know more:


Andrew Ostler
BCG Attorney Search

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