BCG Attorney Search Reports More Than 3,000 Attorney Jobs, Squashing the Blow to Legal Jobs Market |

BCG Attorney Search Reports More Than 3,000 Attorney Jobs, Squashing the Blow to Legal Jobs Market

July 11, 2013

Latest data released by BCGAttorney Search reports above 3,000 attorney jobs that require to be filled. This comes at a juncture in 2013, when the legal jobs market seems to look wishy-washy, once again, with recent numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claiming that the legal industry has lost 3600 jobs in June.

Harrison Barnes, Chief Executive Officer of BCGAttorney Search says, "Though the legal jobs market contains many weaknesses and temporary jobs for attorney have shot up, long term employment has not stagnated yet. Legal jobs are growing but at a slower rate."

Additional analyses of the legal jobs data for the Class of 2012 by NALP reveals that 50.7% of employed graduates obtained a job in private practice. This has been a rise from 49.5% for the Class of 2011 and close to the 50.9% figure reported for the Class of 2010. An 8% rise has been noted in law firm jobs on a year over year comparison basis. This is the largest rise since 2009 and shows that the economy has rebounded from its low point in 2011. But, it would be hard to deny that something in the legal world is broken. "Nevertheless, legal jobs are being created and that is positive news," Barnes affirms.

Interestingly, more lawyers are anticipated to be hired in Arizona, according the State Bar of Arizona's survey of working attorneys designed to tap into the economics of law practices in the state. Yet, the Arizona State University's Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law is working towards creating an "Alumni Law Group," which will employ 30 new graduates. Likewise, many U.S. law firms are beefing up their health-care groups hiring attorneys, specializing in complex hospital mergers. Huge amount of legal work has also spawned due to measurable growth in the gaming industry creating more attorney jobs. Finance attorneys in the U.S. are also busy as casino operators and other gambling and related companies are tapping capital markets in America to fund expansion.

Overall, BCGAttorney Search claims that new attorney jobs are growing and reports:

More than 200 openings in Florida

About 500 openings in California

About 650 openings in New York and

About 270 openings in Washington D.C.

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