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How Law Firms and Other Hiring Organizations Can Determine if an Attorney Will Do the Job Long Term

When hiring attorneys, law firms have a lot of factors to consider. A crucial one is whether the attorney will be succes....

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What to Do if You Are Fired as an Attorney from a Law Firm (or Worried You Are Going to Lose Your Job)

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to What to Do if You Are Fired as an Attorney from a Law Firm (or Worried You Are....

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Why Going In-house Is Often the Worst Decision a Good Attorney Can Ever Make

Learn why the belief that going in-house is a good career move is completely wrong and what going in-house actually doe....

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Going In-house? Why You May Be Saying Goodbye to Law Firms for Good

I used to practice corporate law and as such, I saw many friends, classmates, and colleagues who also practiced transact....

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10 Biggest Career Mistakes Big Law Firm Attorneys Make (and 10 Ways to Survive in a Big Firm)

Listen to This Podcast on:Are you a strategic or tactical attorney?Learn in this article how being a combination of both....

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Is Moving In-house a Wise Move in This Economy?

Question:I am currently a 7th year attorney practicing with a law firm that I moved to laterally about fifteen months ag....

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Sometimes a Lateral Law Firm Move is the Best Path to a Solid In-House Position

A large percentage of the people who contact us for recruitment assistance are currently working in-house and are lookin....

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