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Why Law Firms Do Not Like to Hire Attorneys From Most Practice Settings Other Than Law ....

Most smart law firms will not hire attorneys who are coming from practice settings other than law firms.Law firms will suspect that you may have left a law firm and went to another practice setting because you had performance issues inside the law firm.There are two categories of attorneys in differ....

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The Top 15 Marketing and Sales Tricks Law Firms Use to Get You to Work There

Conceptually, most law firms are very similar places to work.You are expected to sit down at a desk, bill hours, not get in trouble (or make trouble), and complain as little as possible.There is nothing more important for law firms than appealing to the right sorts of attorneys to get them to go to ....

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45 of the Worst Possible Questions Attorneys and Law Students Can Ask in Interviews

When any legal employer is interviewing you, he or she most often wants to hire you. The interviewer is hoping you are the best applicant for the job because interviewing people takes time that could be used to bill hours.....

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Why You Should Never Give Up Your Law Firm Job Search: Lessons in Law Firm Job Search ....

Giving up your search is the most serious mistake you can make.Many people are not reaching their potential and unhappy because they gave up.Over 95% of the business of law is going on outside of the largest law firms and all over.Those 95% of law firms will hire you if you persist with your search.....

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Ten Reasons You Will Never Be in Control Over Your Legal Career if You Work in a Law Firm

Listen to This Podcast on:Many attorneys believe that if they do well in law school, get a good job and work hard, they will have happy and successful law firm careers.Failure is far more likely than success.Most attorneys put a ton of work into becoming attorneys, working in law firms, and failing.....

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