Question: A secretary at your small firm, with whom you’re friendly, confides that she has found a new job in another field. She seems genuinely excited. She’s vital to the firm, and finding a replacement will take time, but she mentions she needs to work for a few more weeks before giving notice. Should you tell anyone?

If Someone is Giving Notice in Your Law Firm Soon, Is it Acceptable to Tell Others?

Answer: Technically, you're not obligated to report her treason to your partners and fellow lawyers. Indeed, doing so would betray the confidence of a loyal and dedicated coworker and friend. But losing a vital staff person, particularly at a small firm, is a drag. Try to protect the interests of both the firm and the secretary. Tell her, "I feel good about the work you've done, and you know I like you personally. But I must share this with the partners so that we'll have enough time to find a suitable replacement."