The Five Most Important Questions Law Firm Attorneys Should Ask Before Starting a Search for a New Law Firm Position

It can become difficult to determine the right time for you to consider other options, or even how to begin the process. Young lawyers who become dissatisfied with many aspects of their jobs and may want to contemplate a job search are often stymied by a variety of fears.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

To get past this confusion and to determine if a search is timely, you must assess your current situation, identify issues of concern, and possibly look at realistic alternatives. Only then can you decide if a search is worth the upheaval, anxiety and time commitment required.

The following five questions set forth a framework that, when answered candidly, will give you some clarity and focus as to whether it is the right time to engage in a job search.

Finally, if the questions posed seem too difficult to address alone, a good legal recruiter can either walk you through this process or refer you to a career counselor who can.