I have my first interview as a lateral associate coming up next week. Should I send thank-you notes afterward, or is that something that is more appropriate for law students? I've been practicing for five years. And if I do send a thank-you note, should I send a handwritten note or an email? (T.J., Dallas)

Thank-you notes - handwritten or by email?


Dear T.J.,

Sending a well-written thank-you note to those who interviewed you is certainly a classy gesture. It could potentially differentiate you from other candidates. And people generally appreciate sincere thanks. Some surveys have shown that thank-you notes make an impact on hiring decisions. However, you must be careful to proofread, check for misspellings, and keep the content appropriate. Thank-you notes are a great idea when done well, but mistakes will make interviewers question your work product.

Below, I will examine the issue of thank-you notes in greater detail: