BCG Attorney Search Backs BLS Report Suggesting Attorney Jobs will Grow Steadily |

BCG Attorney Search Backs BLS Report Suggesting Attorney Jobs will Grow Steadily

August 2, 2013

Latest jobs data on BCG Attorney Search shows that attorney jobs are growing steadily. This finding is in line with the 2010-20 projections recorded in the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook: 2012 -2013 edition. The BLS data shows that there will be a 10 percent growth in attorney jobs from 2010 to 2020. Following the onslaught of layoffs, the job scenario in the legal industry is now changing for the better.

Researching the market, BCG Attorney Search observes that there is a high demand for attorneys in small and mid-sized firms as well as private practices. Much of the job creation is also stemming from big law firms launching new offices in more lucrative states of the U.S. Harrison Barnes, Chief Executive Officer of the legal recruiting firm says, "The job growth clearly indicates a continued demand for attorneys, with the requirement coming from government bodies, individuals as well as businesses."

According to the legal recruiter, the growth rate for legal jobs is rising as speedily as the average for all occupations. This is good news for attorneys struggling to find a foothold in the legal market, in light of the fact that many companies have increasingly started resorting to services of paralegals to perform tasks of attorneys.

But, the changing jobs scenario does not confirm that the U.S. economy will be able to absorb about 44,000 attorneys that over 200 accredited U.S. law schools churn out each year. This statement mirrors data in the BLS report, which claims that though legal occupations will increase by about 131,000, only 73,600 jobs will be created for attorneys through 2010- 20. The job growth is expected to emanate from both employment growth and replacement needs. This has led many attorneys to proclaim that the job market looks dimmer than what is projected. But that is not true, given the increase in the number of job postings on the BCG Attorney Search website.

Maybe, job aspirants are overlooking opportunities in the market using traditional job search methods. To browse through attorney jobs created by some of the fastest growing occupations like food and beverages, housing and construction, and healthcare in the U.S., visit:


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