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King & Spalding Forms BECTELLA Global Law Firm Alliance


King & Spalding Forms BECTELLA Global Law Firm Alliance

King & Spalding Forms BECTELLA Global Law Firm Alliance

In a globalized economy scales of doing business have changed so much that even for the biggest businesses cooperation has become essential to survive and forge ahead in the competition. Law firms are no exception to the new styles of doing business.

With the cyberspace evolving quickly, innovations are being made to use the boons of information technology to enhance cooperation and create new models of doing business. BECTELLA, a global law firm alliance spearheaded by King & Spalding showcases one such approach, where law firms come together and function together offering potential and existent clients a common pool of transnational resources, without creating any necessity for the constituent law firms to merge together, or otherwise move into traditional models of cooperation.

BECTELLA was conceived and founded by King & Spalding partner Kenneth A. Raskin. The alliance has 15 law firms right now with specialty practices in employee benefits, executive compensation, tax, employment and labor law. BECTELLA currently includes 20 countries across five continents within its ambit.

Speaking on the benefits of the alliance, Raskin said, "Using BECTELLA's global network, lawyers at participating firms coordinate to effectively and efficiently resolve cross-border issues. Lawyers in the network have the expertise to resolve issues arising in the employee benefits, executive compensation, tax, employment or labor law contexts."

While the above paragraphs might seem promotional for BECTELLA, we, at BCG are not associated or tasked with promotion of the law firm alliance.

What we recognize in BECTELLA is innovation and a new way for law firms to do business with one another, and of addressing a common client pool with a common resource pool - without making mergers & acquisitions necessary. So, the model is cost-efficient for clients and law firms and efficient from many other angles and considerations. It makes possible for the constituent law firms to work together without being compelled to surrender locus of control. And the model is brilliant.

BECTELLA also increases transparency to clients in that it is no more a claim of "we got people in that country," but of "here are the people we work with - you can approach them through us, or you can approach them directly." The approach makes a big difference in building credibility for all law firms included in the pool. And King & Spalding deserves kudos, because we recognize the ability required to come up with this innovative idea and execute it - and move miles ahead of the competition through cooperation.

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