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Our Commitment To Diversity

At BCG Attorney Search, we are committed to diversity. Our company understands that society is comprised of a variety of individuals with unique backgrounds, genders, nationalities, religions, orientations, beliefs, personalities, experiences, skills, talents, and perspectives. By welcoming, embracing, and celebrating diversity, we strengthen our company, our clients, and the legal profession.

We seek to create a working environment at BCG in which tolerance, respect, and professionalism are paramount. We want every employee to feel comfortable and to be inspired to work hard, to be the best he or she can be, and to make the greatest contribution possible. We understand that many law firms have similar goals, and we do our best to honor these goals in connection with our legal recruiting efforts.

We believe that equality of opportunity is important as a principle, but we also appreciate that it is in the best interest of our company and the law firms and attorney candidates we serve. We thrive when we look past superficial distinctions and concentrate on the underlying merits of each person. In contrast, we limit ourselves and our potential when we narrow our vision.

BCG's commitment to diversity is a manifestation of BCG's commitment to excellence. We know we are better, stronger, and more effective when we value differences and work collectively to pursue first-class service, unparalleled work product, and outstanding results.