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How Becoming a Mentor Can Help Advance Your Professional Career

Mentoring is an invaluable tool for career growth and development. It offers a valuable opportunity for both mentors an....

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Meet Robert Kinney, Our Senior Recruiter in Texas: A Profile of BCG's Texas Presence

Profile: Robert E. KinneyThis month we profile Robert Kinney, the newest member of our team, who established the Texas o....

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Achieving Career Success Even in a Downward Market | Tips & Strategies

We see it all the time: A graduate of a top law school (or wherever) joins a large, highly regarded law firm in a major ....

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Are You Searching for a New Career Opportunity? Tips for Finding Greener Pastures

You are a partner at a solid firm, where you generate a respectable book of business on an annual basis. You feel your c....

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Legal Recruiting from Non-Attorneys: An Overview of the Benefits and Challenges

SummaryNon-attorney legal recruiters have become an increasingly common option for both law firms and individuals seekin....

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Lateral Hiring: Proven Strategies for Interviewing Legal Candidates

SummaryLaw firm hiring managers looking to add lateral candidates to their team should know the best practices for effec....

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Finding Career Opportunities When the Job Market is Overwhelming: Strategies From

SummaryThe job market is a competitive one and many of us find ourselves in the midst of a flood of applicants vying for....

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