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Turning To Plan B

The media has tremendous power to magnify economic trends and alter our perceptions. In a world of 24/7 news coverage, w....

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Judicial Clerkships: Not All Are Equal But Not All Need to Be

As a legal recruiter (and one whose husband is currently a 3L in law school) I often get asked by candidates and law sch....

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How Law Students Can Decide Whether or Not They Should Clerk for a Judge: Should You Do a Clerkship or Not?

Most law students believe that clerking with a judge improves their marketability.However, there’s more to clerking th....

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A Resume Must Tell the Whole Story

We all know how important it is for a resume to tell all there is to know about our qualifications. When it comes to att....

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The Art of Interviewing: Tips for Converting Interviews Into Offers

For the World’s Largest Collection of Law Firm Interview Resources Click HereUse your interests as a tool to guide you....

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When Asked about "Salary Expectations" in an Interview How Should I Respond?

For the World’s Largest Collection of Law Firm Interview Resources Click HereQuestion:I am a fourth year associate at ....

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Four Fatal Mistakes Highly Qualified Attorneys Make When Choosing Law Firms

Learn the most important factors you should look at when selecting which law firm to join so you avoid making these fou....

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