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Why Your Family and Social Background Will Determine Your Happiness and Success as an Attorney More than Your Academics or Firm

Listen to This Podcast on:It is common for people to go to excellent law schools and start in significant firms, then ha....

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The Only Way to Be Happy Practicing Law: How to Immediately Find Happiness Practicing Law

Although it is often neglected by big law firms, this is the one thing you must focus on if you want to enjoy practicin....

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How to Ensure Career Satisfaction and Happiness as an Attorney

If you believe what you read in the popular and legal press, career satisfaction is woefully lacking for most attorneys.....

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Why Your Success and Happiness as an Attorney is About Being Someone Who Builds the Firm and People there Up and is Not a Source of Negativity and Problems

In every organization, there are people who are positive forces that lead, inspire, and build and others who are negativ....

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How Can You Avoid Drama and Find Happiness as an Attorney?

You need to push the drama out of your mind and concentrate on tasks before you want a great life and career.There is no....

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Switching Law Firms as a Career Strategy for Attorneys: When You Should and Should Not Leave Your Law Firm to Get Ahead

Is your current law firm helping or hurting the progress of your legal career? Find out how to know if leaving your fir....

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The One Easy Fix That Will Make You Happy Practicing Law

Regardless of who you are, everyone needs encouragement—and attorneys are no exception.Since you (presumably) spend th....

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