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Alameda County Judge Charged with Embezzling Millions from Elderly Neighbors

Judge Paul Seeman of the Alameda County Superior Court has been charged with elder financial abuse as well as 11 counts ....

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Bush v. Gore: Career Lessons from Campaign 2000

The twists and turns in this year's presidential race were enough to make anyone's head spin.If you are glad that the po....

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The Top 10 Ways Working as an Attorney in a Law Firm Ages (and Kills You) Prematurely

All attorneys strive for success in their law firms and want more responsibility, complex work, and greater recognition....

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What to Do if You Are Fired as an Attorney from a Law Firm (or Worried You Are Going to Lose Your Job)

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to What to Do if You Are Fired as an Attorney from a Law Firm (or Worried You Are....

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Billable Hours and Law Firm Economics: What Every Attorney Needs to Understand to Get Ahead

Summary: This guide from BCG Attorney Search addresses what it takes to be successful in a law firm that you aren't taug....

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Why Your Success and Happiness as an Attorney is About Being Someone Who Builds the Firm and People there Up and is Not a Source of Negativity and Problems

In every organization, there are people who are positive forces that lead, inspire, and build and others who are negativ....

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Why Most Law Firm Attorneys Are Angry and Dislike Their Jobs and Lives

Find out what causes so many attorneys to be angry in this article.....

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