Is There a Service That Can Mail Your Resume on Your Behalf? |

Is There a Service That Can Mail Your Resume on Your Behalf?


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Yes. There's service called Legal Authority that can do that. That's one of our services, but at the same time, the work that Legal Authority does, you can do yourself. You don't necessarily need to use a service like Legal Authority. But it can help you do it for you. So legal authority is a good service for that, and you'll find it at You can also create lists yourself. By the way, when you create your own list, it's a good thing because you may find you can also email the alumni at your law school. You can find if there's something that a firm does you think is particularly attractive.
Is There a Service That Can Mail Your Resume on Your Behalf?

You can mail them, and you may know someone at the firm, or there are all sorts of things. The more you kind of investigate a firm, the better it is. People love to get personalized application material. So Legal Authority will send application materials for you, but they won't be that personalized. You can do it yourself, and people love receiving personalized application materials. If you can do personalized application materials, that's going to make a huge difference.  If you're able to do that, whatever you can do to send personalized application materials should help. Personalized means you give reasons that show you're interested in the exact firm or something along those lines.

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