Hiring in-house counsel has many potential benefits for your company.

An increasingly complex, time sensitive legal environment means more and more companies are recruiting in-house counsel to handle the majority of their legal work and only turning to outside counsel for specialized advice. Why?

Reduced Legal Fees

It just makes "cents". Companies spend large amounts of money on outside legal bills every year. As salaried, fixed cost employees, in-house counsel can mean significant savings on legal fees.

Competitive Advantage

Today's business/legal environment is sophisticated, complex and deadly. Timely practice advice from company wise in-house counsel helps fast moving companies stay out of trouble and well ahead of the competition.

On-site Advice

As an insider, the in-house lawyer knows the company's objectives and environment and can provide more customized and relevant advice.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Being internally located, in-house counsel are better able to anticipate and diffuse potential legal problems before they turn critical. Even when problems do explode, in-house counsel tends to be better positioned to deal with the matter quickly and effectively.