Job Seekers in the Legal Field Can Take Advantage of the 92 Percent Offer Rate by Using BCG Attorney Search |

Job Seekers in the Legal Field Can Take Advantage of the 92 Percent Offer Rate by Using BCG Attorney Search

March 17, 2014

Pasadena, CA - According to an article published on February 23, 2014 on the Wall Street Journal, Hiring of Law Grads Improves for Some, the legal field should see more hiring activity in 2014. This is based on an offer rate for summer associates of 92% recorded by the National Association for Law Placement. In 2009, this offer rate had fallen to 69%, and in 2012, it was higher, but still only at 90%, so 92% is a good increase from two years ago.

This is great news for those seeking a job in the legal field, and likely means that firms are increasing other types of hiring as well. However, with so many lawyers looking for legal positions, it is important that job seekers present themselves in the best light; using a recruiter can be of great service for those looking in a competitive job market.

BCG Attorney Search is the largest legal recruiting firm in the United States dedicated exclusively to placing top associates and partners in premier law firms. Recruiters at this firm typically make far more placements than recruiters at competing placement firms while working with a smaller number of select candidates. Recruiters are trained rigorously and continuously, so that they best represent their clients and place them in the best jobs possible.

BCG Attorney Search recruiters are focused on knowing the legal market thoroughly and serving their candidates in the most effective way possible. A great deal of time is spent with each client to discuss particular interests and qualifications, and how these mesh with the firms they are interested in. Because of this careful thought and attention to detail, BCG has been proven to have the highest number of successful top firm placements.

”Getting into law school, becoming a lawyer, and staying a lawyer are difficult tasks. And switching jobs is no easy task. We realize the importance of the work we do and take our work extremely seriously,” says BCG Attorney Search CEO Harrison Barnes.

Those looking to tap into the job growth in the legal field, and find a job that suits them in every way can take advantage of the services of BCG Attorney Search.

About BCG Attorney Search:

BCG Attorney Search is a premier recruiting firm for experienced attorneys in the United States. Since the year 2000, BCG Attorney Search has placed thousands of attorneys with employers who were the best fit for individual candidates, and helped law firms and companies with their recruitment efforts. The website of BCG Attorney Search is here

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