Competition for Legal Jobs is Still High; BCG Attorney Search Consistently Helps Lawyers Find Jobs |

Competition for Legal Jobs is Still High; BCG Attorney Search Consistently Helps Lawyers Find Jobs

March 10, 2014

Pasadena, CA - According to the March 2 article,“Corporate clients shift priorities for law firms” published in The Boston Globe, industry officials say that employment in legal services has not recovered from the recent Great Recession nearly five years after it ended. The US legal industry is currently down more than 40,000 jobs compared to its prerecession highs.

This means that the competition for jobs is extremely high, even for lawyers who have graduated at the top of their class. A good recruiting company can do wonders for those searching for a job in the legal industry.

BCG Attorney Search is the largest legal recruiting firm in the United States dedicated exclusively to placing top associates and partners in premier law firms. Founded by CEO Harrison Barnes in January 2000, BCG Attorney Searchhas developed a range of resources that makes it simply unrivaled by any other American legal-recruiting firm. BCG Attorney Search maintains offices throughout the United States that are staffed by approximately 20 outstanding legal recruiters.

What sets apart recruiting firms is the expertise of the recruiters. BCG Attorney Search maintainsstandards of excellence through rigorous, ongoing training programs for their recruiters so that recruiters bring the same level of dedication and focus to their work that the very best attorneys do. Legal recruiting is a serious profession, and top recruiters must represent attorneys with the same level of commitment, drive, and insight that outstanding attorneys demonstrate when representing their clients, as BCG attorneys do.

“In today's legal landscape, law firms demand that search firms respond quickly to their hiring needs, and candidates demand the most options. At BCG Attorney Search, we only do law firm placements, and we are highly committed and confident about the work that we do,” Harrison Barnes.

BCG Attorney Search has made literally thousands of placements of partners and associates. Working with a good recruiter is more effective than any other job-search method, and with the competition as high as it is today, those seeking jobs in the legal profession with benefit tremendouslyby working with an outstanding recruiter.

About BCG Attorney Search:

BCG Attorney Search is a premier recruiting firm for experienced attorneys in the United States. Since the year 2000, BCG Attorney Search has placed thousands of attorneys with employers who were the best fit for individual candidates, and helped law firms and companies with their recruitment efforts. The website of BCG Attorney Search is here

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