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BCG was great because they were able to target so many different firms of interest for me.I was actually really shocked because my target area was limited to San Diego, which is somewhat smaller, legal market than other major cities. And I think by the time everything was said and done almost a hundred firms had been applied to on my behalf which was astounding. Just the sheer volume of applications that BCG was able to put in on my behalf was one of the best things that I could not have done by myself.For one, I didn't have to search job boards or submit anything to anyone, it made it so easy that BCG was able to submit everything on my behalf, and find all of those openings that I probably would not have been able to find on my own.Another great thing about BCG was the interview prep. I worked with someone named Patrick I believe, and he was just phenomenal. He, and I had a couple conversations in which we practiced questions and answers to interviews. I actually learned a lot about how to field those questions and perform better in interviews.I worked with a couple other recruiting companies, and they would only find me one or two potential opportunities. Whereas BCG, found me almost a hundred. Other companies did not have interview prep, whereas BCG did, it was a lot more hands-on and individual focused rather than just trying to place someone at any firm that they can try to place them that, which is great.

Jason Schechter

University of Southern California Law School, Class Of 2019

Placed at Paul Hastings LLP

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