Summary: Learn more about what it is like to be a Data Privacy attorney in this article.

What Does a Data Privacy Attorney Do?
  • This practice area focuses on the storage and management of information within computer networks and cyberspace.
  • Data privacy lawyers focus on complex and evolving laws and regulations that govern everything that happens in connection with data transmitted and stored on computers, including consumer protection laws, privacy laws, and e-discovery issues.
  • Attorneys who practice in this area provide legal advice on issues such as cyber security, online privacy, data mining, data breach protocols, and the law as it relates to web technologies, mobile platforms, emerging technologies, information technology, e-commerce, e-business, mobile payments, competitive intelligence, and trade secrets.

Why Do Data Privacy Attorneys Enjoy Their Jobs?
  • Attorneys who enjoy this practice area tend to enjoy technology and working with technology-related topics.
  • They enjoy understanding and seeing how the law applies to emerging technologies and working with evolving areas of law.
  • Attorneys in this practice area often attend conferences and work collaboratively with attorneys in other firms sharing information about the evolving nature of this law.
  • Because the work is quite specialized, it is often easier for attorneys to lateral in this practice area than other practice areas.
What Are the Difficulties of Being a Data Privacy Attorney?
  • People that are not interested in technology tend to be somewhat repelled by this practice area.
  • The work in this practice area tends to be somewhat sporadic, and many attorneys have a difficult time staying consistently busy.
  • For that reason, there is often not enough work to justify paying senior associates and making attorneys a partner in larger law firms.
How Easy Is It to Move Laterally as a Data Privacy Attorney?
  • This is a good practice area for attorneys to lateral in if they have strong qualifications (schools and their prior firm).
  • This practice area tends to go in fits and starts and is busiest when the economy is expanding and then slows down (often to a complete standstill) when the economy slows down.
  • Although this practice area is developing, it is a fairly risky practice area for attorneys because there are not a lot of partnership opportunities and there is not a high barrier to entry and learning the work.
  • The projects for clients also tend to be smaller, and this means that it is difficult for law firms to scale up the practice area (with several attorneys) for various matters and generate large bills.
  • This practice area is limited and a difficult one for attorneys to make names for themselves, or become very successful financially doing.

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