Move to a New Location. As a legal recruiter, some of the easiest placements for me to make occur when an attorney is moving to another state or geographic location. Generally, when an attorney is moving to a new location, they can justify the move by explaining: (1) they are moving to be closer to their family, or (2) they want to be in a bigger city with more opportunities. Each of these explanations are great because they portray strength—everyone respects someone who wants to be closer to their family and employers in big cities respect people trying to relocate there.

How to Jumpstart Your Career as an Attorney by Moving to Another State

If you are from Ohio and working in New York, a smaller law firm in Ohio will think your decision to return is perfectly normal and part of an upward S-curve career and life trajectory—settling down with one employer, starting a family, wanting to be a big fish in a small pond and so forth. If you are in a position where you suspect you might be entering a declining S-curve, moving to a different city is a great idea.