You cannot change where you went to law school. You cannot change how you did in law school. You cannot change who your parents were. You cannot change where you worked last. You cannot change your race. You cannot change the degree of attractiveness you generally have to the opposite sex. You cannot change your accent rapidly. You cannot change the quality of jobs you have held in the past. You cannot change whether you were fired from your last firm or not. There is way, way too much that you cannot change. The one thing you can change, however, is how you present yourself every single day. You owe it to yourself to go all out in this category. Not being your best is the absolute biggest mistake you can make.

Even If You Can't Change Your Grades as an Attorney, What You Have the Power to Change in the Interview

The law student who is first in his/her class may have studied until 2:00 am every night for three years to get where they are. The law student who goes to a top Ivy League law school may have gotten a silver medal in the Olympics and an A average in college to get into the law school of their dreams. Your competition for a job may have worked in a better ranked firm in a bigger city. None of these people may get the job you are seeking if they do not dress as well as you do for interviews. None of them may get promoted if they do not look as good at work as you do each day.