Living and Working in the Bay Area: We Have It All!

BCG Attorney Search's Palo Alto office is situated in the hometown of Stanford University and the heart of Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley region includes the greater San Jose metropolitan area and the lower half of "the peninsula." The peninsula is a sixty-mile-long arm of land originating in South Jose and culminating in San Francisco at its northernmost tip and bordered by the San Francisco Bay on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The Coast Mountains form the north-south spine of the peninsula. Most of the area's development is on the bay side of the mountains. Silicon Valley wasn't always Silicon Valley. I grew up in the Santa Clara Valley, its predecessor, a region of world-renowned orchards and lush truck farms. I knew more about prunes, apricots, and horses than I did about start-ups at the time. The valley was primarily agricultural and served as a playground and summer-home locale for wealthy San Francisco families. The area's hills and hidden glens are still dotted with amazing estates and mansions built in the first half of the 20th century.

We all know the story. Santa Clara Valley metamorphosed into Silicon Valley with the invention of "the chip." The economy boomed. Simultaneously, the agricultural land gave way to suburban development in response to a burgeoning demand for housing in the area. The rest is history. Now we can boast of a former winery atop a hill with an incredible view of the bay that serves as a magical venue for world-class performers. A former Greco-Italian estate belonging to a state politician hosts intimate performances, including incredible regional music festivals, and invites world-class artists-in-residence to create and teach. World-renowned universities, including Stanford and the University of California at Santa Cruz, attract amazingly fertile minds and provide every opportunity imaginable to expand one's intellect and pursue one's passions.