Moving your practice to another firm is a serious task that requires your careful attention to detail, your ability to identify and navigate around potential minefields, your capability to resolve issues expeditiously, your interpersonal skills to temper hurt feelings and egos, your access to the resources of your new firm, and the assistance you receive from key individuals within your current firm as well as others outside of your firm, such as your recruiter. Since portable business is a key factor driving your marketability once you are more than five years out of law school, you need to ensure that if you move, you move the business you have generated with you.

How law Firm Partners Can Move Their Portable Business to a New Law Firm

You should start preparing your exit from the instant you decide to look for greener pastures. It is essential for you to anticipate potential pitfalls so that you can devise contingency plans well in advance to avoid embarrassments and confusion. Also, it is most important that you focus on your clients, who are the most important element in making a move successful. Everything you do should directly or indirectly relate to your clients. Obviously, you have both an ethical and legal duty to continue to provide the necessary service to your clients during your move. The second most important element is to act expeditiously. Remember that time is your enemy; the longer it takes you to resolve issues to complete your move, the more likely additional problems arise. Below is a checklist to consider in contemplating your move: