Bright Prospects for the Legal Job Market in 2014 |

Bright Prospects for the Legal Job Market in 2014

January 10, 2014

Pasadena, CA - The U.S. legal job market has once again become competitive. This is good news for attorneys who were contemplating a career change in the past. Not only are employers filling up vacancies to maintain their current staff levels, but they are also offering new employment opportunities. A job search on the BCG Attorney Search website helps you get a glimpse on this legal job growth trend and explore the prospects that lie in store this year. The premier legal recruiting site reports more than 3,200 attorney job opportunities in the U.S.

Conducting a legal market study, BCG Attorney Search discovered most law firms will offer numerous opportunities in the job market for attorneys and paralegals within the next six months. This is attributed to three main reasons. First, the slowly improving U.S. economy is translating into more work for attorneys, especially litigation work. This has been explicitly stated in the article titled “Legal jobs on the docket for 2014,” released by the Inside Council on December 26. Second, a huge number of legal professionals are retiring this year, giving rise to more vacancies. Third, an increasing number of startups are hiring legal services at every stage. Many of them prefer to hire a lawyer of their own as “a right lawyer can mean the difference between pushing the envelope and breaking the law,” according to the article titled “Why Startups Hire Their Own Lawyers” posted on January 4 on the TechCrunch website. Beyond this, experts at the legal recruiting firm say, “Law firms will be seen hiring more minorities and using online recruiting channels to find their lawyers.”

BCG Attorney Search is a premier legal recruiting site in United States that most legal employers and hiring authorities in the country trust to find relevant talent. Currently, the site reports 579 jobs in California, 193 openings in Texas, 152 opportunities in Florida, 199 vacancies in the District of Columbia and 200 Jobs in Illinois that require to be filled up. Harrison Barnes, Chief Executive Officer of BCG Attorney Search says, “With the legal jobs growth rate meeting the BLS speculations for the coming years until 2022, attorneys should not get impatient and look for alternative careers.” Patience along with right job search assistance can help attorneys’ secure ideal jobs. In this regard, engaging a legal recruiter from BCG Attorney Search can help target the preferred employers and acquire the desired job.

Barnes agrees that this is the right time of the year for job seekers to go job hunting or opt for a lateral shift. He says, “With employers typically getting new hiring budgets at the beginning of the year, your personal goals with regard to higher salaries, better work environment and more job security is assured.”

Legal recruiters at BCG Attorney Search help attorneys looking for a job or contemplating a lateral shift to capitalize on the new opportunities. Some of these openings are not even advertised on other top ranked job boards. Visit to know how the legal recruiting site helps attorneys – unemployed, underemployed or looking for a change and helps them make wise decisions on their career path. It will also inform you on the reasons why each of the legal recruiting firm’s recruiters make far more placements than recruiters at competing placement firms.

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