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Walkers Law Firm is Moving to Bermuda


Walkers Law Firm is Moving to Bermuda

The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA), a group on the island that advocates for and encourages businesses to develop the island, has excitedly revealed recently international law firm Walkers' decision to open business on the island. This would be the first international law firm to do so, and, considering Walkers advises businesses, it would encourage an outgrowth of more business on the island, something the BDA is naturally interested in.

Walkers Law Firm is Moving to Bermuda

Walkers plans to make their move later this year, assuming licensing and so forth falls in line.

"Walkers is a major player in international law, particularly in investment funds, and we believe this will be beneficial to Bermuda as we continue our drive to attract greater investment management business to our Island," said BDA CEO Ross Webber. "Notably, Walkers are referrers of business and they advise hedge funds with regard to choice of jurisdiction. Walkers being able to offer a Bermuda solution should result in growing the overall volume of business on the Island."

This will be the tenth office of Walkers, following their locations on the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Ireland, London, Jersey, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. As they are a leading international finance center law firm, specializing in corporate and international finance law, they are a boon of fortune soon to fall in step for the island. The firm announced they would offer full service operation in their Bermuda outfit, helping clients with litigation, insolvency, corporate, investment funds, finance, insurance and trusts.

"Our clients have long told us that they would value the expansion of Walkers' service offering to include Bermuda legal advice," said Walkers partner John Rogers. "As with our other global offices, we intend to become a major force in the legal services industry in Bermuda and to grow and develop talent in that jurisdiction."

The BDA naturally encouraged the project every step of the way, hoping to invest their efforts in a firm which would in turn bring more business into the island.

"As with all of our business concierge clients, we provided advice with regard to the business climate and method of setting up here," said Webber. "We also provided introductions to other law firms and service providers."

"Having yet another leading international law firm including Bermuda as part of their conversation is hugely valuable for our Island from a competitive perspective," he said. "It raises Bermuda's profile, and we believe it will increase business flow to the jurisdiction."

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