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Utilizing Legal Recruiters

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Why Most Large Law Firms Don't Have Consumer-Facing Practice Areas

This article explains why large law firms tend to focus on something other than consumer-facing practice areas such as family law and trusts and estates. These legal matters are often less profitable, require a different skill set, involve different billing arrangements, and don't align as closely w....

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Equity Partnership: A New Perspective on Law Firm Compensation

SUMMARYEquity partnership in law firms offers a fresh perspective on legal compensation, merging individual contributions with collective growth. This comprehensive guide delves into the complexities of equity partnership, from its foundational understanding to its financial implications. By explori....

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Top Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Law Firm Associate

SUMMARY:In the competitive legal landscape, identifying the essential qualities of a law firm associate is crucial for building a resilient and dynamic team. This article explores the multifaceted skills that set exceptional candidates apart, such as analytical prowess, legal research capabilities, ....

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Transforming Performance Reviews: Modern Approaches to Evaluating Attorney Performance ....

SUMMARYThis comprehensive guide delves into the transformative approaches to attorney performance reviews, focusing on modern evaluation methods to maximize potential and improve law firm success. Firms can foster real-time performance improvement by adopting a more dynamic, continuous feedback mode....

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Commitment Matters: How to Hire Attorneys Who Will Stick Around

SUMMARY: As law firms strive for growth and success, one critical aspect they often grapple with is the hiring process. Bringing on board new attorneys is no small task, given the significant investment of time and resources. Ensuring that the hired attorneys are committed and will remain with the f....

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Don't Mess with Legal Recruiting Coordinators

I have been a legal recruiter for over 25 years. I've worked with thousands of law firms, both those with legal recruiti....

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Tens of Thousands of Attorneys Have Found Positions with BCG Attorney Search, and You Can Too! Overcome the Most Common Reasons Attorneys Don’t Approve Firms with Our Help

It's not uncommon to experience setbacks or feel uncertain about your career goals. But at BCG Attorney Search, we belie....

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Contacting BCG Candidates Independently Harms You, Candidates and BCG

Direct contact by law firms with our candidates is not ethical and fair and can negatively impact the candidates, BCG, a....

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How Do Legal Recruitment Agencies Work?

SUMMARY:Working with a legal recruitment agency streamlines the job search process for candidates in the legal field. Th....

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Annotated Retained Search Agreement

Use this sample annotated retained search agreement in drafting an agreement with a legal recruiting firm.Introductory ....

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How to Hire a Legal Recruiter for Your Law Firm: How Law Firms Recruit Attorneys Using Legal Recruiters

This article discusses many of the questions most often raised by law firms about their search firm relationships. There....

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How to Get Great Results from Your Legal Recruiter

The stakes—time, money, or firm-wide resources—are always high when you embark on a search for a lateral hire. And t....

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