Concerned about things like work-life balance? That’s fine; just keep it inside. The employer needs to believe that what matters to you is not work-life balance but your job. When it comes to working for just about any employer, it is not, regrettably, remotely about you—it’s about the employer.

Why You Should Keep Inside Your Concerns about Life-Work Balance as an Attorney

Many people get distracted when they get older and end up getting interrupted more often. It becomes harder for them to focus as much on work, and their lives away from the job take over. Time away from work, devoted to family, sports, children, activities, church, and vacations, moves up in priority. Many older job candidates discuss personal commitment issues during the first interview. This is a mistake.

People who get distracted by tasks away from the office are effectively having their careers and time managed by someone or something else. This is not what an employer wants to see or hear. An employer needs to believe that your number-one priority is your career and job. People whose careers are their priority are infinitely more manageable than those who have other priorities.