One of the most persistent mistakes legal professionals make is to not understand the importance of fitting in their work environments. Indeed, fitting in is something that enables you to both get and keep a job. In terms of what it takes to succeed in the practice of law over the long term, fitting in may actually be more important than your skill level.

Why Attorneys Need to Know How to Fit in to Succeed in Law Firms

A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

This little-known observation is something that is lost on many legal professionals and can result in unhappy and unfulfilling careers. Conversely, being aware of this often results in very happy and fulfilling careers. The problem is that it is often the very best attorneys and those with the best academics and technical skills who are the ones who end up not fitting in.

Having been raised to believe that the true measure of success can be measured purely by how well they perform academically, many attorneys enter the legal profession like shooting stars. They arrive at the very best firms and soon leave this firm for the next and then the next. If they are smart, they learn the importance of fitting in. If they are not smart, their legal careers are quickly over, and they are left blaming a self-imposed set of circumstances and people for the problems in their careers.