Construction Law involves initiating, negotiating, forming, executing, and modifying contracts and other agreements related to structure design, construction, or repair.

Construction law is also an area that governs disputes among the parties involved in the construction process. Many laws apply to the businesses and professions that are a part of and serve the construction industry, which is governed by construction law.

Government contract law is a specialized area of construction law that governs government projects between the Federal, State, and Local Governments and is governed by exact legal principles, procedures, and law.

Workers' compensation claims may occur when injuries occur. When they do, workers' compensation law is also a subset of construction law, covering most accidents at a construction or demolition site.

Construction Law, both the owner-build contractor and their duty to act in good faith to perform their contractual obligations. Courts have held that the owner-build contractor owes the owner a duty to perform services appropriately. This duty requires the contractor to warn the owner that the design or construction specifications may have damaging results.

Specialized areas no doubt require specialized attorneys. If you have problems with your contractor, you might want to consider speaking with a lawyer with expertise in construction law. Doing so can be critical to protecting your interests.